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Health Equity Summer Research Summit Abstract Submission


Call for Research Abstracts

Each year, we host a networking and poster session for presentation of original research dedicated to workforce diversity and health equity issues. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference, with dedicated time for attendees to view the posters. There will also be a poster competition. At least one of the authors must attend the conference.

Abstracts should highlight innovative research in health equity or health disparities that will contribute to the promotion and improvement of minority health and the elimination of health disparities. All abstracts will be reviewed based on their merit by a peer-reviewed process for acceptance. Abstracts can be submitted in one of the following thematic areas:

• Interventions or policies, in the healthcare system or wider society, which reduce or eliminate health inequities

• Health equity and the social determinants of health

• Innovations in data linkage to identify, monitor and reduce health inequities

• Becoming culturally competent healthcare providers and biomedical scientists

• Unconscious bias, structural racism, and politics in health

• Recruitment, retention and advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce

• Diversity and inclusion best practices in clinical care, research, education or community outreach

• Other topics related to health equity and disparities

We welcome submissions from all disciplines and levels including students, faculty, government agencies, community organizations, health care and research institutions.

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General Requirements for Abstract

You are encouraged to write your abstract in a format similar to that used in scientific papers so that it may be cited in curriculum vitae or submitted as evidence of scholarly activity. The following are some suggestions about poster abstracts that assist in increasing the readability and quality of the submission.

  • You will be asked to enter your abstract into a text box below AND upload a Word document version (please no PDFs) using Arial typeface and 12 font size (see below).
  • Limit the abstract to 250 words (excludes title, author names, and references).
  • Check for proper spelling and grammar.
  • Begin sentences with words (not numbers).
  • Standard abbreviations may be used without definition, but nonstandard abbreviations/acronyms should be placed in parentheses after the first use of the terminology. It is important to keep nonstandard abbreviations/acronyms to a minimum, to allow for readability and understanding.
  • Use generic names when referring to medications.
  • Do not include tables, figures, or graphs in the abstract. Such content is appropriate for the poster.
  • Try to organize the abstract with the following headings where appropriate:

This format may be modified, as appropriate, for Clinical Vignette submissions, or for Research submissions diverging from the standard research methods.

Poster Requirements for Selected Posters

  • The poster dimensions must be 48”x36” or 48”x48” and printed on either matte or glossy paper.
  • The poster(s) will be displayed horizontally in a designated space on a display board next to another poster.
  • A business card holder can be attached to the poster; no tables will be provided.
  • Posters that do not adhere to formatting guidelines will not be displayed.