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International Family Medicine Education


The Department of Family and Community Medicine recognizes the need to promote international family medicine education. This recognition stems from the increasing health care demands not only in the United States, but also in countries around the world where the current political and economic changes have heightened the commitment towards providing comprehensive health care to their population.

The department has the opportunity to take leadership in providing training experiences to family medicine faculty and prospective faculty from around the world as a means to develop essential academic skills in family medicine. These experiences can facilitate the development of partnerships that will provide mutual benefits regarding education, research and healthcare. The department has a historical commitment to international medical education; for fourteen years it has offered its faculty development program to several different countries including China, Chile, El Salvador, and Spain to provide a faculty development program to multi-specialty teams of physicians.

An additional strength of the department lies in its presence in and commitment to the urban community in Houston. Our department is affiliated with the Harris County Hospital District to provide multidisciplinary health care to the medically underserved urban population in Houston metropolitan area. This affiliation allows us to operate a network of six community health centers located in areas densely populated by representatives of ethnic minority groups. Finally, the department is committed to fostering the mission of primary care delivery, education, and research not only in its immediate vicinity, but also internationally. The department's leadership and many of its faculty have strong ties with international family medicine programs and are committed to promoting comprehensive health care to underserved populations.


About the Program


The department sponsors a post-graduate faculty development fellowship for international physicians. The fellowship offers an immersion short-term academic experience with the purpose of preparing international family physicians to become leaders in family medicine education in their respective countries.

The content of the fellowship is organized around five domains: Clinical Care, Education, Research, Leadership and Administration, and Professional Academic Development. The implementation of each of these domains may vary depending on specific needs of the fellows. Fellows will participate in structured fellowship activities that include didactic instruction, experiential learning, and observation. The didactic component of the fellowship includes required participation in workshops and seminar specifically designed to provide instruction in the fellowship domains. The experiential learning comes through practical activities in the areas of teaching and evaluation. The observation component is fulfilled through the assignment of the participants to the departmental network of primary care clinics where they will be paired with departmental faculty for observation of their clinical practice and their teaching of medical students and residents. In addition, the fellows will observe teaching at Baylor College of Medicine. As international observers, the fellows WILL NOT have any direct patient contact during the fellowship program.

A special component of the International Faculty Development Fellowship is the reflection session scheduled weekly. The fellows will meet regularly with two Baylor College of Medicine faculty members to reflect on their learning and on promoting family medicine. These meetings also facilitate the adjustment of the fellows during the program.




Those attending the course will:

  • Develop an understanding of the U.S. health system and the modes of health care delivery, primarily focusing on family medicine in the context of primary health care.
  • Consider the political and social environment, to develop an appropriate discipline of family medicine.
  • Further develop their clinical skills for use in the family medicine setting.
  • Develop educational skills for teaching students, colleagues, patients, and their communities.

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