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Toi B. Harris, M.D.
COE Principal Investigator/Program Director
Associate Provost of Institutional Diversity, Inclusion and Equity & Student Services
Phone: (713) 798-6950
Email: toih@bcm.edu

Hamisu Salihu, M.D., Ph.D.
COE Center Director
Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Phone: (713) 798-7646
Email: Hamisu.Salihu@bcm.edu

Nancy Moreno, Ph.D.
COE Associate Director for Education and Professional Development
Associate Provost of Faculty Development and Institutional Research
Phone: (713) 798-8200
Email: nmoreno@bcm.edu

Roger Zoorob, M.D., MPH, FAAFP
COE Associate Director for Research
Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Phone: (713) 798-2555
Email: Roger.Zoorob@bcm.edu

Jean Raphael, M.D., MPH
COE Associate Director for Health Equity
Associate Professor and Associate Vice Chair for Community Health, Department of Pediatrics
Phone: (832) 822-3441
Email: raphael@bcm.edu

Jason Salemi, Ph.D.
COE Evaluator and Trainer
Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine
Phone: (713) 798-4698
Email: Jason.Salemi@bcm.edu

Erik D. Malmberg, Ph.D., J.D.
COE Project Manager
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Manager
Phone: (713) 798-1546
Email: malmberg@bcm.edu