Department of Anesthesiology



Benefits, including salary and vacation time, are determined by the Baylor College of Medicine Office of Graduate Medical Education Office.

  • Salary CA-4 level (PGY-5) due to yearly changes refer to this link
  • Vacation - 15 working days
  • Health and dental benefits - As per GME Office for all trainees
  • Personal/sick time - five working days. The ABA does not allow trainees to be away more than 20 days per year without making up that time.
  • Books Provided: Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Book/meeting allowance - $1,500
  • Parking - Assigned by the GME office.
  • Educational/meeting time - five days. More time can be given for participation in a national conference.
  • Non-clinical time/research - determined by service and extent of involvement in a research project