Department of Anesthesiology

Call Assignments


All call assignments meet compliance with the ACGME's 80-hour duty limits requirement for the rest periods between shifts, and opportunity for days off during the month.

Main Operating Room. In the MOR, fellows take less call than anesthesiology residents, but there is no guaranteed number of calls because the number of residents varies month to month. First call, which is in-house call, begins at noon and ends at 7 a.m. the following morning; the fellow has no clinical duties post-call. The second call trainee begins the shift with a "regular" OR day and stays into the evening until the OR comes down to one location. The fellow is usually relieved by 11 p.m. and allowed to go home - and has the next day off. It is unusual for that person to be called back to the hospital once relieved, but he/she must be prepared to do so.

Pain Service. On the Pain Service, there is no call at night or on weekends, as the service is covered during those times by the attending on service.

Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. In the PICU, the anesthesiology fellows do not take in-house night call but are required to work Monday through Saturdays to assist with coverage for pediatric residents and fellows.

Cardiac Anesthesiology Rotation. On the cardiac anesthesiology rotation, hours can vary considerably depending on the caseload and the number of trainees rotating on the service, but fellows are given the day off after late call.