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The Division of Cardiovascular Sciences is a basic science section within the Department of Medicine, devoted to the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms associated with cardiovascular function and mechanism of cardiovascular injury.

In addition to pursuing their individual research interests, faculty members are responsible for the operation of the DeBakey Heart Center Research Cores that develop and analyze models of cardiovascular disease in various species.

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Cardiac Repair: Mark L. Entman, M.D.; Katarzyna A. Cieslik, Ph.D.; JoAnn Trial, Ph.D.

Inflammation in Cardiovascular Injury and Remodeling: Mark L. Entman, M.D.; JoAnn Trial, Ph.D.

Cellular Pathophysiology in the Aging Heart: George E. Taffet, M.D.; Katarzyna A. Cieslik, Ph.D.; JoAnn Trial, Ph.D.; Mark L. Entman, M.D.

Whole Animal Instrumentation and Monitoring: George E. Taffet, M.D.; Anilkumar K. Reddy, Ph.D.

Aortic Impedance and Vascular Mechanics: Anilkumar K. Reddy, Ph.D.; George E. Taffet, M.D.


Animal Core


The Division of Cardiovascular Sciences and the DeBakey Heart Center operate Animal Core Facilities in the Fondren-Brown Building that serve the needs of many cardiovascular projects which are supported by individual or large grant mechanisms.

Animal Core Facilities

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