Department of Medicine

Thrombosis Research Projects


Faculty Research Interests


Miguel Cruz, Ph.D.: Thrombosis; von Willebrand factor; Platelet adhesion; Disseminated intravascular coagulation; Extracellular hemoglobin; Inflammation; Vimentin; Translational medicine

Trung C. Nguyen, M.D.: von Willebrand factor; von Willebrand factor–cleaving proteinase (ADAMTS-13); Thrombocytopenia; Disseminated intravascular coagulation; Thrombotic microangiopathy; Sepsis-induced multiple organ failure

Jun Teruya, M.D., D.Sc.: Thrombotic profile of inflammatory bowel disease; Coagulation activation and acquired von Willebrand disease in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; Whole blood coagulation technology; Lupus anticoagulant; PIVKA-II as sensitive and specific marker for vitamin K deficiency; Effect of acute phase reactants, antithrombin, and platelet factor 4 on prothrombin time and anti–factor Xa assay

Perumal Thiagarajan, M.D.: Mechanisms of platelet microvesicle clearance; Mechanisms and effects of transbilayer movement of phosphatidylserine in platelets

Vinod Vijayan, Ph.D.: Serine/threonine phosphatases in platelet and endothelial activation

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