Department of Pediatrics

Programs and Projects


Voluntary Pediatric Readiness Program


The goal of this program is to increase the readiness of hospitals to care for pediatric patients. We are preparing to pilot the "Pediatric Ready" Level of the program and are actively looking for hospitals that are interested in participating. If your facility is interested in being an early adopter of the program and would like to participate, please contact the program manager at for more information. You can also follow the links below to download additional information about the program.


EMS Recognition Program


Similar to the hospital pediatric readiness program the goal of this program is to increase the readiness of EMS agencies to care for pediatric patients. This program is now open to all EMS agencies in the state of Texas and are officially accepting applications. Please follow the links below for more information or you can contact the program manager at

View a listing of EMS agencies and/or Fire Departments have been recognized at the GOLD Level of Readiness.


PRQC Collaborative Project


The EMS for Children State Partnership will be joining the National Pediatric Readiness Quality Collaborative to the support efforts of states and territories to meet the emergency care needs of children. A total of 15 facilities in Texas have signed up to participate in this program. Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas and Medical City Dallas will serve as “training sites” and will support 13 “affiliate” sites that will work on QI initiatives by targeting four key gaps in pediatric readiness:

1. Collecting and documenting pediatric patients’ weight in kilograms only
2. Developing a notification process for abnormal vital signs
3. Ensuring that transfer guidelines are patient and family oriented
4. Establishing disaster plans that include children.

The basic model is “train the trainer” and the sites are currently under-going training and will continue in the project through November of this year. We will provide additional details and updates as the program evolves.