Monthly Giving Program


Monthly Giving at Baylor is an easy and cost effective way to make a lasting impact by donating a set amount each month to an area of your choice.

Participating is easy. Just fill out our online gift form by clicking the link below.  Let us do the rest. Your donation will be automatically charged to your credit card every month without you needing to do anything. We will deduct the same amount, on the same day of every month until you tell us you would like to increase, decrease or stop your donation. You’re in complete control.

Monthly giving is easy and convenient.  You will know you are supporting your cause without writing a check every time you make a donation. Some feel that making monthly donations enables them to make a larger contribution by spreading their payments out, rather than giving one lump sum.

Additionally, you can receive one tax receipt per year of your total annual giving.

We hope you consider becoming a Monthly Donor. We count on this group of supporters.